Client: Shakil Amin

From: Bangladesh


"I am a medical doctor, who had been trying to get an adequate IELTS score in order to obtain my licence to practice in Canada. I had taken the IELTS exam three times, and each time I got 6.5 on my writing, which was just below what I needed. I was getting frustrated, because I was so close to getting my licence, but I kept falling short on the writing part of the exam, and I didn't know what the problem was. I decided to go to CheckMark Learning Centre for help, and I'm glad I did. I signed up for private lessons, and my teachers Jessica and Perry helped me to understand and to fix my weak points immediately. I took the IELTS exam again, less than a month after I had started my private lessons with CheckMark Learning Centre. I got the score that I needed, and I'm now well on my way to practicing medicine in Canada. If you need help to improve your IELTS score immediately, I definitely recommend CheckMark Learning Centre."

Client: Sadaf Jaberi

From: Iran


"I enrolled with CheckMark Learning Centre, private class last year. I just wanted to take some time to express how much my English skills have been improved so far. I can not think of a teacher who could have made this past year anymore special than what Perry did. Perry is truly a standout and dedicated teacher. I needed to get a good score on the CELPIP exam. I took part in some sessions for CELPIP class and learned a lot from my teacher Jessica. She is also a great CELPIP teacher. I took the CELPIP exam last month and I got the score that I needed the first time. Thank you all for your great supports and hard working to help me improving my English skills. I recommend CheckMark Learning Centre for you if you really want to improve your English or CELPIP score."


Client: Min Jo Yoo (Jay)

From: South Korea

Test: ESL

"I have been studying English here for over 5 months. I've learned a lot here. Our school slogan is 'Don't study with us. Learn with us.' That's right. I didn't study here but I learned with my teacher and my classmates. It was great opportunity for me to learn here. I've improved my pronunciation, grammar and how to make a sentence. When I was in South Korea, I worried about talking to foreigners in English. That's why I'm here. But I'm so confident now. I can speak better English than before in so many situations. I'm so excited to go back to my country with my English. I should try to keep it when I am in my country. If I want to improve my English level, I need to express myself more competely."


Client: James Hsiung

From: Taiwan

Test: ESL

"I have learned English here nearly one month. I feel very satisfied in this learning environment. It's not free conversation, but you can also get corrected immediately. When I don't know how to make a sentence, the teacher guides me. He also corrects my pronunciation if I make a mistake. There is no shortcut to improving English fluency. One of most important things may be more and more practice. I can feel that I am progressing, even though my English is still not perfect. First, by practicing, I can now instantly write a short, simple, and concise sentence. Second I should pay more attention to the main idea in my writing. Finally I have to think about what message I want to deliver to the reader."


Client: Hiro

From: Japan

Test: CELPIP on Skype (Private Training)

"I passed the (CELPIP) test ! Finally ! It was 10-7-8-7, Listening-Reading-Writing-Speaking. Overall I found the test more difficult than the previous one and therefore I was more nervous, but now I am so happy and relieved ! Thank you so much for your teaching and many useful advice ! La prochaine fois on peut parler en francais d'accord ? Je te remercie de tout mon coeur."



Client: Julio Nova

From: Dominican Republic

Test: CELPIP on Skype (Private Training)

"I got L12, R11, W7, and S7. Thank u so much for ur help. I will be referring your services to all my friends...Win win situation for the both of us!"



Client: Gurpreet

From: India

Test: CELPIP on Skype (Private Training)

"I would like to say: It is really great to be a part of Checkmark Learning Centre. It helps me to pinpoint my week areas/skills in English by email. It helps me to enhance my English to some extent."



Client: Vasil Suminoski

From: Serbia

Test: CELPIP (Private Training)

"I started preparing for CELPIP by myself. When I took the test, my result was not good. These were my scores: Listening 3, Reading 4, Writing 5, and Speaking 6. Then I went to CheckMark Learning Centre, and everything started to be good for me. I only studied with CheckMark for 5 hours over 2 weeks, and we focused almost only on Listening and Reading. The result was very good. When I took the CELPIP test again, I got Listening 6, Reading 7, Writing 5, and Speaking 6. Now I am going to apply for my permanent residency. Thank you CheckMark Learning Centre!"


Client: Pat

From: Ireland


"I am writing this just to say thank you very much for your great help. If not for CheckMark Learning Centre, I would still be doing my CELPIP. You care so much and really want everyone to get a good result. I have no hesitation on any questions about CheckMark Learning Centre. Once again thanks so much for you help."


Client: Shabahang Meshkin

From: Iran


"Nowadays, the TOEFL test is the very first step to making progress in academic world. The first day that I was at CheckMark Learning Centre, I had no idea how I could pass the test. I did not know how to manage my time, how to adjust my sentences, how to write properly for the test, etc.However, a student in such a frustrating and stressful situation is like someone who is going through a dark tunnel. The path is dark and scary. But thanks to CheckMark Learning Centre, who lightened the tunnel for me so I could pass through. Now I can apply to university with my TOEFL score. I was so lucky to have you on this path."